Foundation of the NORDAR company with the goal of developing the distribution of imported ice cream brands on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the export of ice cream produced by Belarusian factories in the Russian Federation.


We have launched the production of ice cream "Our Childhood", which complies with GOST and the standards of ice cream of the USSR. Today, ice cream "Our Childhood" has firmly won the love and recognition of the consumer and has become the company's business card.


Our company has bought a dairy factory in Borisov. Today the factory is one of the most advanced and technically equipped enterprises for the production of ice cream in Belarus.


The company creates and starts production of glazed cheeses Feelin, which have become an innovative product in the category of glazed cheeses due to their high-quality composition and interesting packaging.


The company creates and launches the production of unique whipped frozen desserts WOOHOO.


Creation of a new brand of ice cream "Belarussian Pattern" and the beginning of export deliveries to the market of the Russian Federation and Israel.


Licensees of the Masha and the Bear trademark and expansion of deliveries to foreign markets


Today the company "Nordar" occupies a leading position in the production and sale of ice cream in the Republic of Belarus. We work to ensure that each of our clients receives only high-quality products that will remind the taste of childhood and bring happiness not only to children, but also to adults.

Our goal is for each of our consumers to be happy trying our products, to be leaders in the domestic market and to present their products in foreign markets with dignity.

Nordar is bright emotions and products with a taste of happiness.

Nordar are people who love their business and their consumers, therefore they look for an individual approach for each client and are responsible for their work and products. Constant movement forward, renewal of the assortment and reliability are what we guarantee.

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