The first ice cream you can listen to!

"Our Childhood" and "New Radio" present the first ice cream that you can listen to! Only this summer: look for hit ice cream in stores, follow the QR code on the packaging and listen to modern hits on New Radio. Limited edition! Vanilla in a glass, vanilla on a stick and vanilla in a cone with chocolate glaze are the same classics in which each of you will find some zest for yourself!


There is a bright QR code right on the package, clicking on which you will immediately be taken to the New Radio website, where you can listen to modern hits and learn about interesting sweepstakes and promotions. All listeners also have the opportunity to win “The First Ice Cream You Can Listen to” for themselves and their friends in the on-air game COLD HIT and on New Radio’s social networks. The drawing takes place on air every weekday of the summer, and on networks - every week. Try, listen, play, enjoy and recharge️ *Sale is possible only on the territory of the Republic of Belarus